Discover a world of excitement and adventure with our wide range of engaging activities designed to keep children entertained and delighted. From thrilling activities to imaginative play areas, there’s something for every child to enjoy.

Arts and Craft

Immerse yourself and your little one in a world of boundless artistic expression at our creative garden. Bursting with a plethora of artistic materials such as paints, crayons, coloring books, recycled boxes, glitter, and glue, our play area is a treasure trove for budding artists. Our attentive attendants provide gentle guidance, encouraging kids to unleash their creativity and discover their inner Picassos. Get ready for an enchanting experience where the possibilities for artistic projects are endless!

Soft Play

Our soft play area features a variety of soft play structures that are perfect for climbing, crawling, and exploring. From colorful tunnels to bouncy slides and padded obstacles, children can navigate through a world of softness and endless possibilities.

We understand the importance of sensory stimulation for children’s development. The Soft Play Area incorporates elements that engage multiple senses, such as textured surfaces, interactive panels, and tactile toys. It’s a sensory wonderland where kids can enhance their sensory perception and discover new sensations.

Toddler Zone

We have a dedicated area specifically designed for our youngest visitors. With age-appropriate soft play equipment, padded blocks, and gentle slides, toddlers can safely explore and play at their own pace. It’s a space that encourages early motor skills development and promotes social interaction among little ones.

Wall Climbing

Our climbing walls feature a variety of routes, catering to climbers of all abilities. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced climber, you’ll find routes that suit your skill level and challenge you to push your limits.

Our climbing walls are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, including high-quality harnesses, auto-belay systems, and padded flooring. Our trained staff members are always present to provide guidance, ensure proper equipment usage, and offer assistance when needed.

Climbing Classes and Instruction -> If you’re new to climbing or want to improve your technique, we offer climbing classes and instruction led by experienced climbers. Learn the fundamentals, develop climbing skills, and gain confidence under the guidance of our knowledgeable instructors. We provide a supportive environment for climbers to learn and grow. To book classes, Click Here

Rope Course

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure at our Rope Course Arena!

Our rope course is tailored to the abilities and comfort levels of children. The challenges are designed with different difficulty levels to accommodate various age groups, ensuring that every child can participate and enjoy the experience.

The rope course is built using high-quality materials and follows strict safety standards. Each child is equipped with a safety harness and is supervised by trained staff members who provide guidance and support throughout the course. We maintain a secure and controlled environment to ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure.

It provides an excellent opportunity for children to engage in teamwork and cooperation. They can navigate the course alongside their friends, encouraging each other, and working together to overcome challenges. The course fosters communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills as children learn to support and rely on one another.

It is packed with a variety of exciting obstacles that will challenge and thrill young adventurers. Children can navigate their way through suspended bridges, swinging logs, rope nets, and balance beams. These obstacles encourage children to push their limits, develop their physical coordination, and boost their confidence.


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